by Gray Souvenirs



Serena is about sadness but Is also about little pleasures in life.


released March 6, 2016

Putrefactus - All Instruments, Vocals, Mixing
Pulver L.C. - Photo



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Gray Souvenirs Brazil


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Track Name: An Astronaut Lost Inside Your Eyes
In the last time
As I fly
I surrendered
I wished to die

As a memory
Flys away
I disappear
I catch my pieces that I left

Fresh, cold
I reach a little bit more
Deaf, mute
I leave my conscience to elevate

Who will find a place?
Who will break this maledction
I tried I begged to this
So dont ask me for comprehesion

I can not regret
It's all I know
Pieces of the puzzles
Floats inside my head

I will try to lay
I will try to cry out
I will try to lay
I will try to cry out

A sunbather astronaut
This is my last chance
A sunbather astronaut
This is my last chance

It's the last breath
And I wish to never wake up
Never wake up
Track Name: A Gaze Through The Sun
Look how
We are now
I'll never know
If you cry at night

If lie alone
A gaze into
Your Dreams
Let me touch you

I have a few
A few doubts now
Did you forgot me?
Did you ever loved me?

Crawling in this cold ground
Trying to fix me
Will you find me
Will you reach me

Will you find me
Will you reach me
Track Name: Serena I
The silent crow
Pierces the clouds of sky
I can see the beauty
Through the brighter star

Leave me
With my ancients
Leave me
With my scars

To recompose
The void between the existence
Embrace my soul
At let me fly

Siren of dust
Lights In the rain
I can see my life disappear
Beyond the blood in my veins
Track Name: Deaf Souls
How can I try
How can I take
My poor soul
Begs you to stay

Is like the star
Is a minute
I close my eyes
To feel you

To hold in my hands
Let me die
Let it all
Burn forever

Serena is my love
Serena as soul
Serena can I try
Serene where are you

Nothing hurts like this
Nothing can me make me sad
As my soul fades way
As my soul fades way

Memories left in the ground
Deaf souls in search of love
You can't kill me now
I'm stronger than never